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Frequent asked questions

What is Idoneum?

Idoneum is a job portal focused at medium/ highly qualification professionals. On our web site you can view all the current job offers and apply for those that best fit your profile. Once you have decided to apply, you have the opportunity (for free) to create online video interviews with Elisabeth, our virtual assistant. The interviews will be adapted to your profile and the profile of the job for which you have enrolled, increasing your chances of being hired. In this way as soon as you apply for a vacancy you can already begin preparing for the interview.

What is Idoneum used for?

The object of our website is to increase your chances of getting a job. All our offers are visible from the publication date to the closing date of the process. When a process terminates the offer disappears, so we ensure that the vacancies you see on the website are always current. In addition, we are the first job site that offers you the opportunity to prepare for interviews with a virtual advisor, helping you to build confidence and be better prepared for your real interview..

Who does Idoneum target with it's services?

Idoneum is aimed at professionals in any industry who are actively looking for work.

How can I register with Idoneum?

To sign up you must press the "Register" button that appears on the home page and fill out the form that appears below. To make the process faster, if you have an account on Facebook or Google you can login directly with one click. Once you've signed up to receive alerts in your email account, you have to open it and click on the link to confirm your registration.

What do I do if I forget my password?

To reset your password you should go to the main page, enter your email and click "Forgot password" in a few seconds you will get a confirmation email sent to your inbox with a new password.

How can I change my details? (Email and password)

To change your login information should go to the "My Account" button, click the option to "change password", enter the new password and finally click the orange button "change".

How do I post my C.V.?

To enter your C.V. or create a new one (you can have more than one) you must click on the tab "curriculum" and then press "create curriculum", but if you want to save time and already have an account on Facebook or LinkedIn you can import your CV directly from there with one click.

If I like this website, how can I recommend it to my friends?

We are linked to major social networks like Facebook and Twitter. You can use the Like button or you can send a recommendation to your friends via email.

What do I have to do to record an interview?

You have two options: 1. First select the job which you want to apply for and once registered record an interview or 2. Go to "interviews" to conduct an interview without having applied for any offer. Both options are free.

Can I post my recorded interview on my Social Networks or on my Blog?

When you enter your C.V. and record an interview, there will automatically appear a web address, which you can then share with whoever you want by email, and post to social networks or blogs. In this way the companies you want to contact can see it, increasing your chances of finding work.

Do the interview questions fit the information in my resume?

Yes, every interview is different and customized according to each candidate's work experience. Recording an interview with Idoneum is the closest thing to having a real life interview. Our advanced system reads your resume and selects the questions that best fit your profile. Idoneum asks you the same questions that the interviewer will probably ask, so you have the opportunity to practice and be better prepared for the actual interview. As well as this, at the end of the interview, you can replay it as many times as you like and receive some helpful tips on how to answer each of the questions.

Who can see my interview?

Your interview will be visible only to companies that you already applied for a job.

How long do I have to answer each question?

You have 30 seconds to read the question and 2 minutes to respond. If you finish before the time runs out, press ENTER to move to the next question.

How do I move to the next interview question?

If you have responded to the question within the time, you do not need to wait for it to finish, just press ENTER and you will move on to the next question.

How useful is a video interview?

A video interview gives the interviewer a lot more information than just a resume. This way the selector can see how you deal with the questions, read your body language and see how you are in front of the camera. Apart from this, a series of interviews will help you practice and become familiar with the kind of questions you are probably going to be asked. And of course build on your self confidence and allow you to be more prepared for the "real" interview.

Who selects the questions and answers?

The questions and answers have been selected by skilled human resources staff (many of them psychologists) with several years of experience in recruitment processes.

I am a recent graduate with no actual work experience, how Idoneum can help me?

You will find many jobs for new graduates on our site. Applying for vacancies that best suit your studies is free. Apart from this, if you have never had a job interview, with Idoneum you can practice interviews with our virtual assistant Elisabeth.

What is an executive summary?

This part of the curriculum is based on a brief description which should define you as a professional. The summary should include what you work as and what you know how to do.

Can I enter my C.V to the database and apply for a job, without having an interview?

Yes, of course. Entering your C.V. to our database is completely free. You will have more chance of being selected when recruiters use the search engines on our database. Also by entering your C.V on Idoneum you are ready to apply for the vacancy postings we update daily.

If I am suddenly left without an Internet connection whilst conducting an interview, what happens?

Don’t worry, we make sure you will never miss an interview. If your connection goes down, the questions you have answered will be stored in our database and when your connection returns you can finish the interview at any time.

If I am asked questions in other languages in which language should I respond?

The program will conduct the interview according to the knowledge of other languages ​​that you have stated in your resume. If your English is of a medium level, the system will ask appropriate questions in English so that you can answer in this language. In this way you can demonstrate to the interviewers how well you speak this language.

I want to apply to a position that is located abroad.How I should proceed?

If you want to apply to a postion abroad, you should follow the following steps:1- Register as user at www.idoneum.com , 2- Prepare your cv in english and 3- Clic the orange button called “APPLY NOW”.

Can I send my resume directly to Idoneum?

No, we are not a Recruitment agency and we do not send resumes directly to companies.If you are interested in a job offer, you should apply trough www.idoneum.com

Do I need to have a Idoneum member account to apply for jobs?

Yes. It's fast and easy, though, and can be done as part of your first job application. Click Apply and enter your email address and a password. Then you can complete your job application.

How many resumes can I create?

You can create as many resumes as you like. When applying to the offer you will have to select which of them is the one you want to send to the company.

I want to change my date of birth in my resume, what I should do?

The birth date that automatically appears in the cv is the same as you put when you registered as a user. If you want to change it then you must click on the button that says "Account" in your user menu and then click"User Profile" to change the date of birth.Once done, it will be automatically changed in your resumes.

I'm registered as a user but when I try to login it tells me that my account is not validated. What is happening?

When you register youserlf as a user you need to validate the email. Validate the email means that you will receive a message in your email box where we provide a link validation. You must click on this link and from that moment your account will be actived. We use this method to make sure no one except you can use your email.

What options do I have to create the curriculum?

To create your cv in Idoneum you have several options. If you have Facebook or Linkedin profile, you can import your cv directly connecting to these social networks. If you do not have a profile on Facebook or Linkedin, do not worry, you can create your resume by hand or by copying and pasting from one that you already done.